Free UK delivery over £300 + VAT
Free UK delivery over £300 + VAT
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Exports FAQ

Please contact Martin Hardy at regarding any export enquiries.

Exports to the EU

Since Great Britain left the European Union on the 1st January 2021 there have been new requirements for the importation of products to the EU - but no new charges or duties. Since Brexit we have successfully navigated the changes and are exporting to the EU as before.

Additional Costs

There are four charges for importation into the EU. HSC understand that none of these apply to business customers on purchases made from The Highland Soap Co. Ltd since February 1st 2021.

Import Duty - % charge on the declared value - this depends on the type of goods and their origin. Highland Soap Co's soap and skincare formulations are subject to 0% customs duties.

Excise Duty - % charge per kilo for perfumes, cigarettes and alcohol. Our alcohol based hand sanitisers and perfumes are exempt under excise notice 64 and 47, respectively.

Import VAT - VAT at the prevailing rate in the destination country applicable on the total value and duties. These will continue to be payable by customers in their home country.

Clearance Fee - an administration charge to cover the costs of additional handling, administration, collection of monies etc. Highland Soap does not use forwarding agents and is not required to pay or pass on clearance fees. 

The Highland Soap Co Ltd advises that importers are liable for any customs, taxes, duties for fees due and if necessary they should seek advice from freight forwarders before importing products from the UK. That said, while orders are taking at least two weeks to arrive and the situation is dynamic we have had few issues and continue to export as normal. 

Legal Requirements

Our products are licensed for sale in the EU and are listed on the EU's CPNP database of cosmetics. We have an EU Responsible Person, Beauty Wishes of Kifissia, Greece.

There are a number of documents required to accompany consignments, detailing commodity codes, monetary values, source country and destination. The Highland Soap Company will include these on dispatch and are experienced in exporting to the EU. 


We can arrange shipment for customers or package orders with the requisite documentation for collection by customers' agents. We are finding that orders are taking a week longer than usual to arrive in the EU - but they are arriving in tact and with no additional, unexpected charges. 


Exports to the USA, Canada and the ROW 


We are exporting as usual to the rest of the world and can arrange shipment on request. Costs vary by volume and weight but we can offer quotations in advance.


The USA has a di minimis importation threshold of $800, below which no duty is payable by importers - by all means maker several smaller orders if that helps you. 

Canada has zero duties on body soap and most other skincare products. Feel free to get in touch to request further details on duties for other countries.


Because of their flammable nature, our couriers do not ship hand sanitiser by air freight or liquids in containers over 1 Litre. We are happy to supply these products but customers will need to arrange collection from us or from a freight forwarder. 


Some countries require cosmetics to be registered in the destination country. Our products are registered on the EU's CPNP database and we will assist any distributors willing to go through the process in their own country.